Surface Contamination

Safe preparation and administration of hazardous drugs

Environmental Wipe Sampling – Personnel and Practices

Editorial article

This editorial explains who is responsible for monitoring surface contamination of hazardous drugs, and why it is so important

Precautions, perspectives, and practicalities: the reality of safe handling of hazardous drugs in hospitals

Editorial article

This short article summarises the main barriers to safe handling of hazardous drugs from the perspectives of nurses

Monitoring contamination of hazardous drug compounding surfaces

Key Paper Evaluation

This 2-page evaluation summarises key findings from a review of surface contamination monitoring in hospital pharmacy departments conducted by the Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacists (SEFH).

Monitoring hazardous drug surface contamination

A multidisciplinary panel of healthcare providers met at the 2020 Safe to Touch conference and developed a set of consensus statements regarding hazardous drug surface contamination monitoring. This infographic summarises their recommendations.

Surface contamination monitoring of hazardous drugs

Editorial article

Surface contamination poses risks to healthcare workers and patients. In this month’s editorial, read about the importance of surface contamination monitoring to reduce hazardous drug exposure.

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Author: Dr Nicolas Simon

Dr Nicolas Simon introduces his updated module which delves into the problem of decontaminating antineoplastic drug compounding facilities.

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Author: Mark Santillo

Mark Santillo answers key questions on what constitutes acceptable hazardous drug risk assessment and highlights the most common failing. Watch the intro video or go direct to the module!