Engineering Controls

Safe preparation and administration of hazardous drugs

CSTDs vs Closed Systems

Engineering controls such as closed systems and CSTDs are essential for safe handling of hazardous drugs. This infographic illustrates the differences between closed systems and CSTDs.

Clearing up the confusion – closed systems versus CSTDs

Editorial article

This short editorial summarises the definitions of closed systems versus closed system drug transfer devices.

Reducing the risk of hazardous drug exposure to health care workers

Editorial article

One of the biggest concerns in the administration of hazardous drugs is the risk to those who come into contact with these drugs: patients, nurses and other health care professionals who administer the drug. Read this month’s editorial to explore ways of reducing these risks

Expert opinion: hazardous drug exposure of healthcare workers

Authors: Alison Simons and Samantha Toland

The use of hazardous drugs (HD) for example cytotoxic drugs to treat cancer, has increased exponentially over the last 40 years. Sadly, however the awareness of the risks in administering HD has not increased at the same rate. Hear what two nurses have to say about the role of nurses in the handling of these drugs and what controls can be put in place to help mitigate the risks.

Engineering controls for the safe administration of hazardous drugs

Key Paper Evaluation

This one-pager summarises key information from three important documents for engineering controls: a joint position statement from the Oncology Nursing Society and the Hematology/Oncology Pharmacy Assocation, the USP <800>, and the NIOSH Hierarchy of Controls

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Author: Johan Vandenbroucke

Hospital staff, patients and visitors are all affected if hazardous drugs are not handled safely. This module examines best practice in the preparation, administration and waste management of these drugs. Play the video to watch Johan Vandenbroucke introduce his updated module.

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Author: Johan Vandenbroucke

All healthcare professionals, and especially hospital pharmacists, need to concern themselves with ensuring the quality of injectable medications. This module explores the technologies used to maintain product integrity from preparation to administration. Watch Johan Vandenbrouke briefly introduce his updated module.